Becky Hotek

coach-becky-hotekCoach Becky was born and raised in northern Virginia along with her eight siblings!  She grew up playing recreational soccer and was scouted to play on VSA Heat, a competitive club team in the Washington D.C. area at the age of 13.  Her speed, crafty left foot, and no-quit attitude made the coach realize she would be a big help to the team.  He was right! Becky went on to play for that team for the next 5 years, working hard and helping the team to climb to the highest division.  As a result of her club experience, Becky gained the confidence and skill to propel her further in the game of soccer.  She was named MVP and co-captain for her high school her senior year and was recruited to play college soccer at Waynesburg University, where she finished off as a starting left forward and co-captain.

Coach Becky is passionate about helping others gain confidence in trying new things!  Apart from soccer, Becky enjoys spending time with her ever-growing family, working out, learning Spanish, painting, slack-lining, and training for half marathons.  She enjoys helping others overcome obstacles and find joy and success in playing soccer!  She knows she wouldn’t be where she is today without the belief and support from her coaches. 

Fun Facts about Coach Becky:

  • She has 8 adorable nieces and nephews!
  • She lived and studied in Seville, Spain for 4 months!
  • She can juggle the ball 500 times in a row!
  • She coaches college athletes too!  She works in the Sports Performance department at St. John’s University, helping to prepare college athletes to compete at their full potential.

Favorite team to watch: USA Women’s National Team

Favorite Quote: “The will to Win is Nothing without the Will to Prepare.”