Coach Ali Elbordiny

Favorite Color: Red for Manchester!!!
Favorite team(s): Manchester United and Ronaldo Madrid
Soccer experience or awards you’ve received: I’ve played soccer all my life from going to soccer school on weekends in elementary school, to joining a travel team in middle school to high-school Jr. Varsity and Varsity teams to D1/D11 collegiate soccer at Adelphi University.
Funniest thing a Pro Soccer Kids player has said to you: While learning how to throw “throw ins”, using cones, one player goes “we should throw the cone tip first because the aerodynamic rules state it’ll have a greater velocity.” Mind you, the kid was not older than 6/7 years of age. I was learning that stuff at aviation school!
Favorite Pro Soccer Kids class activity: Nothing’s more fun than to watch the kids have a go at a real scrimmage. Especially when the parents get all hyped up and start cheering their kids on.
Are you a parent? I am not a parent. However, I’m an uncle to two nieces and a nephew.
Who do you most admire? Without being cliche, Cristiano Ronaldo would be someone I most admire. I grew up watching Ronaldo turn out to be the player he is today, and to watch all the hard work and dedication he puts in his work definitely motivates me to achieve more and more.
Describe yourself in one word: Outgoing
What’s your favorite thing to do when not coaching soccer? I still very much enjoy playing the sport with friends and I do as well spend quiet a bit of time in the gym.
What do you love most about being a soccer coach?  Just seeing kids enjoying the sport and playing with a huge smile on their face. Reminds me of all my journeys with the sport, whether they be good or bad.
We’d be surprised to learn this about you: I’m a licensed aviation pilot!