Coach Christopher Visconti

Coach Chris ViscontiI am from Long Island, born and bred! My parents were born in Brooklyn, NY; we are Italian by descent, but proud Americans!

I am passionate about a few important things. Family is the most important thing in my life. Second is soccer; it is not only my hobby, it’s my life. If there is not a ball at my feet, there is a television on and I am tuned in to soccer news or a live game.  Finally, my friends are very important to me. They keep me in check and never let me forget who I am, or where I come from.

My involvement in soccer has seemingly increased since the end of my 13 year stint as a player. After not receiving the exposure I was hoping for going into college, I decided to focus on my studies and give up my pursuit of a Division 1 college program. I have found that as time goes on, I find myself more and more drawn back to soccer; whether it be watching games, coaching, playing in my spare time, shopping for equipment, or simply re-watching champions league and world cup finals on YouTube at work (don’t tell my boss), my life pretty much revolves around the world of soccer.  Soccer is my life, plain and simple.  In addition to playing soccer, I breathe, eat, sleep… and that’s about it. I know that Real Madrid is the best team in the world, and always will be.

When asked why he enjoys teaching and coaching soccer to our youth, Coach Chris says:

“I love teaching and coaching soccer for many reasons. Primarily, I love the energy of being around children. I feel that their limitless energy forces me to keep up, stay in shape, and most importantly, stay young. Secondly, this is a new challenge for me. I have spent my life being groomed by soccer, in all sorts of ways. Now, I can finally use my knowledge and understanding of the game to give back, after the game has given me so much.”

“Whenever you think you’re not good enough, remember that everyone started somewhere. Even Cristiano Ronaldo, the BEST player in the WORLD, was once a regular kid who just enjoyed playing soccer.  Work hard, run fast, focus, and take whatever you can and make it yours. If you set your mind to it, you can achieve just about anything. The mind is greater than matter!