Coach Diego Williams

Diego Coaching

Diego has been a soccer coach for over a decade, most of his experience holding a diploma in NSCAA Youth Level IV along with various other certifications. Over the last three years he has made the transition to include children has young as 18 months. It has been seamless and successful. He really enjoys working with children and has worked with in the capacity as Physical Education Teacher, Track and Field Coach, Netball and Cricket Coach both sports more popular in and around the Caribbean where he is from.

To watch Diego with children is to see the special bond that it immediately formed between them, he works his magic and the kids are entertained and trained. He is aware of each child’s individuality and knows often different methods are needed to reach them, this is a challenge he welcomes and focuses on beating.
Diego has breathed soccer all his life! He has participated in some way or another since he was a child, either playing or coaching, he brings this experience and love for the game and the excitement and fun is tangible.