Coach Stanley Saintil

I have had love for the sport of soccer since I was little boy. Growing up in Haiti, even though we did not have much but soccer always kept me happy. My parents are from Haiti, but never played the sport. I started playing because my parent love to watch the Brazilian national team plays.

I am passionate about sport in general, I love seeing kids making improvement on their motor skills. The love for sport is the reason that I am studying physical education at Queens College. Today what makes me happy is seeing young kids loving the sport of soccer with the same passion that I have had at a young age.

I started playing somewhat competitive soccer in middle school in Queens, New York called Bryan Piccolo. I captained my high school soccer team from 2005 -2009. The high School coach saw the passion, commitment, and leadership skills that I had back then, and that I want to offer the same skills my students. In 2014-15, I assisted my high school coach to a third round I have played for the cosmos in 2012-13. As of now, I am playing with a semi pro team called Forest Fc.

Interesting fact: I was top scorer for my high school ( scored 23 goals) , I can walk while juggling the ball for 20 min, I love arsenal, and favorite player is Luiz Nazario Ronaldo