Pro Soccer Kids escort NYCFC players!

Congratulations to Pro Soccer Kids members who won the NYCFC player escort drawing!  The kids received a full NYCFC uniform, met the players and walked them onto the field at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, July 3rd!  A day we will never forget! The winners were: Kris Ramos, Allan Yip, Erwin Perez, Elizabeth Cuellar, Melanie Corbett, Lisa Marci, Linda Thomas, Melissa Bassis, Annie Keane, and Celia Rogers-Jarratt.

NYCFC_070316_104 NYCFC_070316_119 NYCFC_070316_115 NYCFC_070316_113 NYCFC_070316_112 NYCFC_070316_108 NYCFC_070316_109 NYCFC_070316_107