JUST ADDED: Hicksville Location

Great news! Pro Soccer Kids has merged with Super Soccer Stars and we have just added a Hicksville location for our Winter 2020 season! We will be having classes at Soccer Post Weekdays & Sundays for kids ages 1 to 12; beginning 1/5/2019!

To register online: https://register.supersoccerstars.com/search/schedule.asp?country=us&season=winter&year=2020&radius=1&state=0&location=U90LI_4&regionid=9

Parent Reviews

"I'm so happy watching my daughter smile and laugh during her first soccer class. The coaches are entertaining and keep the kids focused, while learning soccer. I think you just created a life-long love of soccer in my family!" Kai Martin
“This was my son's first experience with soccer and his first time playing an organized sport. He absolutely loved it! The Coach was phenomenal! He is fun, kind, patient and relates to kids so amazingly! I cannot say enough good things about Pro Soccer Kids.” Carlos G.