Coach Chevon R

Favorite Color: green
Favorite team(s): Manchester United (red devils)
Soccer experience or awards you’ve received:
I played youth soccer in Jamaica until the age of 15 then migrated to the USA where I played youth travel team (Cambria Heights Kickers) and high school Soccer (Springfield High School). After 3 years I earned a scholarship to play at Lee University. After college I Played Semi-Pro soccer with the Knoxville Force TN.
Funniest thing a Pro Soccer Kids player has said to you: “Are you good at soccer because you was born with one?”
Who do you most admire? My mom
Describe yourself in one word: fearless
What’s your favorite thing to do when not coaching soccer?  My favorite thing to do when not coaching soccer is to workout out or any outdoor recreational activity.
Favorite family movie or show? Family Guy
What do you love most about being a soccer coach?  I love to coach soccer because it is a pleasure to pass on the knowledge that I’ve gained from playing the game for over 25 years. I also love seeing kids progress and most of all have fun.
We’d be surprised to learn this about you: Coach or playing soccer is not just a hobby or job to me, it is a way of life. When I’m not playing or coach soccer, I’m reading about soccer, talking about soccer or watching soccer.

Parent Reviews

"Pro Soccer Kids' coaches are amazing! I love how they focus on both individual and team activities. My 5 year has learned so much. We've taken soccer for 3 years and will keep coming back! Love the positive vibe of all your classes and games!" Michelle Russo
"I brought my son and daughter to their first soccer session today. This is my son’s second time and my daughters first. I just wanted to make sure you knew how incredible the coaches are. I’m absolutely amazed at their patience, focus, knowledge and demeanor with both ages. Im so impressed with how well everything was run. Thanks for a great opportunity!" Lauren M