Coach Derrick S

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite team: England and Manchester City

Soccer experience/awards:  I’ve been playing soccer since age 5 and received first place awards from age 8-13 and nothing less than second place from age 5-16, playing with the Rosedale Lions.
Nickname: Coach D

Funnies thing a Pro Soccer Kids  player has said to you:  It’s hard to pick just one funny thing because they do funny things all the time.  I enjoy watching them have a great time.  However, every class I ask for a joke and very rarely do they have good ones.

Favorite Pro Soccer Kids class activity:  I love the “vacation” where I set up islands and the kids dribble to each island.  They “set up” island trees using their feet and defend their island in a game at the end.  It hones in on dribbling and control skills, as well as nurtures a healthy competitive nature.

Who do you most admire?  Kobe Bryant.  He has a winning drive and getting the best from his teammates.  His go-hard mentality lead to 5 rings and is referred to as the Black Mamba.

Describe yourself in one word: Determined.

Favorite movie: The Dark Knight.  Batman has always been my favorite hero.  He gets things done on a super hero level while having no super powers and that’s motivating to me.

What’s your favorite thing to do when not coaching?  I love to be active- going to the gym, having a backyard football game, or basketball games at the park.

What do you love most about being a soccer coach?  My favorite part about coaching is watching kids develop their skills over time.  They come in as young and full of energy.  I turn them into full fledge soccer players, or on par for where they should be at their age.

We’d be surprised to learn this about you:  I attended WVU.  This made me realize I belong right here in New York!

Parent Reviews

“Dear PSK, Thanks again for a wonderful birthday party you put together for my son. Parents said their children came home so happy! What a success! You really are dedicated to the children. Many thanks!" Regina
“Thank you Everyone at Pro Soccer Kids for making my son’s birthday party such a big success! He had a fabulous time and so did all of his friends! We are all so fortunate to have great coaches – they are so energetic and fun and committed to kids. Deborah and Tom thank you so Much!" Karin