Coach Ediver H

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Team: Bayern Munich
Soccer Experience: I have played soccer my whole life.
Funniest thing a Pro Soccer Kids player has said to you? “Coach, why do you have a beard?”
Favorite Pro Soccer Kids class activity? The big game!
Who do you most admire? My Father
Describe yourself in one word: Dedicated
What’s your favorite thing to do when not coaching soccer? Play pick up soccer with friends
What do you love most about being a soccer coach? Knowing that I am making a difference in a child’s life and that I can pass down the skills I have learned in soccer.
We’d be surprised to learn this about you: I was born in Guerrero, Mexico and I am the first person in my family to attend college.

Parent Reviews

“This was my son's first experience with soccer and his first time playing an organized sport. He absolutely loved it! The Coach was phenomenal! He is fun, kind, patient and relates to kids so amazingly! I cannot say enough good things about Pro Soccer Kids.” Carlos G.
“My daughter was a shy child before coming to Pro Soccer Kids. Now she has a great time learning, interacting, and having fun with a sport she has grown to love. She talks about going to soccer all the time!” Lauryn R.