Coach Lita R

Languages: English, Spanish
Favorite Color:  Purple.
Favorite Team:  Brazil.
Favorite Pro Soccer Kids Activity: Zoo Keeper
Who do you most admire?  My Dad.
Describe yourself in one word:  Active.
What’s your favorite thing to do when not coaching soccer? Outdoor activities.
Favorite movie or show? La Vita e Bella
What do you love most about being a soccer coach?  Leaving an everlasting impression on the sport I love.

Parent Reviews

“Hi, Deborah. Thank you soooo much!! My son and all the kids had an absolutely fantastic time. The coaches were terrific — everyone was commenting on how great they were. On the way home, we asked him how he liked the party, and he said “that was AMAZING!!!” I would be happy to recommend you to anyone in the future who is considering having you do a birthday party." Kate
“Thank you Everyone at Pro Soccer Kids for making my son’s birthday party such a big success! He had a fabulous time and so did all of his friends! We are all so fortunate to have great coaches – they are so energetic and fun and committed to kids. Deborah and Tom thank you so Much!" Karin