Coach William S

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite team: FC Barcelona, Manchester United
Soccer experience: NCAA Division ll Men’s Soccer
Funniest kid quote: “I love soccer more than cheese.”
Favorite activity: Shooting the ball into the net!
Most admire: Elon Musk
Describe yourself in one word: Passionate
Favorite hobby: Working out
Favorite movie: Gladiator
What you love most about being a Pro Soccer Kids Coach: I love being able to develop kids as soccer players.

Parent Reviews

"Thanks Pro Soccer Kids, for being so kind and caring to my kids.  They LOVED coming to soccer practice each week and had a blast in the Saturday scrimmage games.  You run a great program!" Annie Q.
“Thank you Everyone at Pro Soccer Kids for making my son’s birthday party such a big success! He had a fabulous time and so did all of his friends! We are all so fortunate to have great coaches – they are so energetic and fun and committed to kids. Deborah and Tom thank you so Much!" Karin