Coach Evans Desouza

15380745_1336303086409625_1015500053283252449_n-1Coach Evans hails from the West African country of Ghana; more specifically, the city of Accra, which is the capital city of Ghana; it is there that he picked up his love for the game at the age of five.

After moving to the US, Coach Evans developed an interest in medicine and fitness which has led him to become a licensed physical trainer all while playing four years of collegiate soccer. In addition to training adults and teenagers, Coach Evans also enjoys teaching soccer to youngsters as young as two years old! The young kids bring out a childlike enthusiasm in Coach Evans; if you watch closely you will see him smiling and laughing right along with them!

Coach Evans has a very kind disposition. He teaches the kids to have fun while learning and enjoying the game. As the children in his classes get older and more skilled, he tries to instill a sense of stick-to-itiveness in them and does not let them give up. He wants all of his players to be great competitors, just like his favorite players on Manchester United!