What Parents Say

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We are so grateful to work with the amazing and energetic Kids in Long Island and NYC! Check out some of the comments parents have made about our program:

“After 2 seconds I had the biggest smile on my face because of the smiles and laughs coming from my son. Thank you so much and I think you just created life long soccer kids for my family.”

— Melissa A.

“Coach DJ is truly AMAZING!! He is so great with kids and really knows what he is doing. My son has learned so much from him. I Hope we have him again in the fall. thanks!”

— Kim and Peter

“I have to say, our Coach was great!!!! She is filled with positive energy. My son Aiden had a great time and would look forward to seeing his coach and teammates every week. Thank You!”

— G.J.

“This was his first experience with soccer and his first time playing an organized sport. He absolutely loved it! Coach Jason was phenomenal! He is fun, kind, patient and has a fabulous way with the kids. I cannot say enough good things about him. Thank you.”

— Jen

“Coach Tom: I just wanted to thank you for today. It is a pleasure to experience watching someone who is so truly passionate and good at what they do. The way you and your assistant are so present for each child and balance out the work with one another is great. You have created something very special for children and your love for it shows. My child very much appreciates you in his life, and as his mom it is such joy to watch him enjoy something so much. Thank you.”

— Jaime

“Hello ProSoccerKids, I like to thank coach Jason for the great time my daughter Vanessa had. He is great with kids and his lessons were challenging and never boring. And he is funny too. I am looking forward to start again in Fall. Thanks,”

— Petronela

“Dear Deborah and everyone at Pro Soccer Kids, I just wanted to say thank you to you guys. Both my children (age 2 & 3) had classes this summer on Saturday mornings. They both enjoyed the class and looked forward to the class each week asking when is the next class. The energy and enthusiasm that the Coach brought to each class, despite the heat heat was wonderful. He had the children fully engaged during each class. The activities were fun and age appropriate. The assistant coaches he had with him each week were just as nice and they always seem to work so well together. We had just as much fun watching them!

Thank you guys for offering such classes and employing such dedicated staff. We look forward to signing up our children again in the near future.”

— M.B & S.B.

“I wanted to drop you a note expressing how happy I am that I found PRO SOCCER KIDS and how much my son enjoys playing. Your staff is full of ENERGY, patience and understanding. My son is four and had played since two. The scrimmage games are a great idea. Many thanks to you and your wonderful staff.”

— Marion, a Grateful Parent

“The dynamic nature of the program is catered to children of all ages and allows our 3 and 6 year old boys to develop in their own ways. Having practice made just for their ages is great!”

— Nora C.

“We are pleased to host Pro Soccer Kids here in our Church building and on our grounds. They have been here for seven years. The parents are very excited about the program and enthusiastic about this opportunity for their children. I have observed the classes and the teaching and find that the coaches and leaders have great rapport with the children. The classes are well organized and look like lots of fun. I whole-heartedly recommend the program and support it. We look forward to years of association with Pro Soccer Kids and generations of healthy children who benefit from the activities.”

— Dr. Roger John, Senior Pastor Saint Mark’s United Methodist Church

“My daughter was a very shy child before coming to PSK. Now she has a great time learning, interacting, and having fun with a sport she has grown to love. She talks about going to soccer all the time!”

— P.H.

“Hello Coach Tom. My son, Timothy is registered for and attended one class with Coach Jason. He loved the class and did relatively well, I was very glad. A group of us registered our older children when they 2 1/2 for another soccer company and were disappointed. I have to tell you I was very pleased and impressed with Coach Jason. The way he interacted with the children was excellent. This may sound strange but it was also great to see the kids actually play with the soccer balls for the whole class. They did not do that at the other soccer program we had tried. Thank you so much.”

— Samantha

“I have a 7-year-old son who is very active and energetic. PSK has helped my son improve his listening ability and receptiveness on the field, at school, and at home. He has developed his focus.”

— Kim M.

“Deborah, I just wanted to say Thank you all so much for such a great experience this summer. My son had never been to any kind of organized sports before, and we were a little nervous. Coach Savas and his assistant were excellent. He was so great with a tough age group (3-4) — and you can actually see how the exercises he would have the kids do were laying the groundwork for soccer later on–but the kids just thought that they were having fun (and the parents too). My son cannot wait to play this fall– and me and my husband had so much fun watching the kids play. Thank you again!”

Andew F.

“Coach Christian and Coach Jenna are AWESOME!! They really engage the kids make them all a part of the entire team.”

“My 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son have been with PSK for a year. I find the program is well organized, fun for the kids, great for parents, and affordable. My 5 year old wants to play in a league some day soon and I would like to keep them with the program as the coaches have helped develop their skills tremendously.”
— S.A.

“When my son was two years old I would drive by the soccer field with a tear in my eye. I had doubts and fears, would he ever get out there? My son had developmental delays across the domains. He had trouble following directions and would run off a field. Then slowly but surely he grew and matured, amazing all that worked with him. Last year we tried soccer, he wasn’t quite ready and would resist joining.”

THIS YEAR, the cars go by us. My eyes soak in every moment. He follows directions, doesn’t run away, and talks to his new friends. He looks forward to it every weekend , and so do I. At every class I say to myself, ‘I can’t believe it!’ it’s a beautiful day!'”

Coach Tom and his team create soccer magic. Their positive energy is contagious. The kids laugh and smile, the parents gleam proudly. Every child is MVP!”

Anonymous 🙂

Pro Soccer kids is an amazingly engaging program for both children and their parents. Coaches are awesome with extreme skill and patience. If you’re looking for a soccer program for your child, you can stop here.”

— Roni Kleinman, Vice President, Long Beach Services – Friedberg JCC