Scrimmage Games

“BONUS” Scrimmage Games – AGE 4 to 9

Pro Soccer Kids BONUS Scrimmage Games SPRING 2017

Scrimmage games are optional and FUN!  Our Town League scrimmage games are completely separate from your regular weekly class.  For registered children age 4 to 9 only.  Three year old’s must wait until his/her 4th birthday to play in the games. Sneakers are acceptable to wear.  Shin guards are optional and not required. We play four 10 minute quarters with a short break in between.

SPRING 2017 PSK Scrimmage Game Schedule

*** Please arrive on time and wear your Pro Soccer Kids T-Shirt ***

What to expect:

  • Your child is eligible when you register for a SPRING 2017 CLASS
  • The games are OPTIONAL, in addition to your regular weekly class
  • Games focus on teamwork, fundamentals of the game and FUN
  • Bring family and friends to help cheer on your Pro Soccer Kid
  • Kids are grouped by age and size for an optimal and fair playing experience
  • Our professional PSK coaches serve as referees and guide the kids throughout the game
  • Due to optional nature of scrimmage games, rained out games will not be made up
  • Register now online or call our office at 516-766-KIDS (516-766-5437)
  • Please wear your Pro Soccer Kids shirt to games
  • Scrimmage vest with your team color provided each game (return to coach after game)
  • Award given to ALL players attending the last scrimmmage
  • Once you register for a Spring 2017 class, your child is automatically added to the roster for our PSK Bonus Scrimmage fun games (age 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9) and you can show up about 5 minutes prior to game, no RSVP required