Coach Christian G

Coach Christian grew up watching his uncle play soccer.  He thought it was so awesome when his uncle did tricks with the ball and it made him always want to be a great player too. As soon as he was able to run and kick a ball, soccer became Christian’s life and he hasn’t stopped playing since.

Coach Christian is passionate about bringing joy to those that really need it by helping them. “To me there is nothing like putting a smile on someone’s face and providing people with the motivation they need to strive for success”

Christian has played soccer for as long as he can remember. He played on travel teams since the age of 12 and also played on high school varsity team. He tries to play competitively as often as possible and is currently a member of the PSK Coaches team who just won back to back championships in the Spring and Fall of 2015!

Coach Christian tells us; “The reason I enjoy coaching and teaching soccer to our youth is because I remember being a child myself and how much joy I experienced; not just from playing but from how my coaches made it a fun experience for me. I want to be the coach that makes soccer both a fun experience as well as a learning experience. I want to pass on what my coaches passed onto me. When you see a child improve and learn to love the sport, it is a great feeling.”

Some interesting facts about Coach Christian:

  • He speak two languages, English and Spanish
  • He is the first generation from his family to be born in the United States as both of his parents are from Colombia
  • He is currently going to school for Electrical Engineering
  • His favorite soccer player is Ronaldinho

Parent Reviews

"I'm so happy watching my daughter smile and laugh during her first soccer class. The coaches are entertaining and keep the kids focused, while learning soccer. I think you just created a life-long love of soccer in my family!" Kai Martin
"I'm so extremely impressed with the coaching staff. They are just wonderful with the kids and it's really inspiring to watch. They really deserve to be commended & I just want them to know how much they're appreciated as such role models for these kids even at just 2 years old!!" I recommend your program to any mom who inquires!! Geraldine Q.