Coach Gary M

Coach Gary grew up idealizing Roberto Baggio and the Italian National soccer team. He is still heartbroken over their loss with penalty kicks against Brazil at the World Cup Final (Rose Bowl, California) in 1994. 

Gary played for various amateur teams in Manhattan and in the Cosmopolitan League at Randall Island while studying to get a Bachelors and Masters’ degree from Baruch College in Finance and Investment. Now a father of two young kids, he still scrimmages around with Oceanside United over 30 team. 

Gary’s first interaction with PSK was as a parent a few years ago at Crocheron Park in Bayside. While taking a walk with his daughter through the park, by chance they watched a PSK class and he had to hold her back as she wanted to jump in and play right there. He had no choice but to go home and register her and she played with PSK over the next 3 years and loved every second of it. 

Teaching comes natural to Gary as both his parents were teachers in his native country of Albania. His favorite pastime is teaching and coaching his daughter and he will bring the same passion and enthusiasm to every PSK class.

Parent Reviews

"Thanks Pro Soccer Kids, for being so kind and caring to my kids.  They LOVED coming to soccer practice each week and had a blast in the Saturday scrimmage games.  You run a great program!" Annie Q.
"Jenna brings a very calm and nurturing personality that the children pick up on right away. She has made Sam’s soccer experience absolutely great this fall. Jenna each week builds on the skills she taught the group the previous week.... she manages to keep the children engaged and on task and most importantly having FUN." Elise & Gil