Coach Josh P

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Soccer team(s): Arsenal

Soccer Experience/Awards you’ve received: Hampton School (UK) Varsity
player of the year in 3 seasons, winner of U18 Trinity Cup, NCAA DIII
College Player.

Cutest thing a Pro Soccer Kids player has said to you: When asked who their favorite super hero was, they said “my Mum.”

Favorite Pro Soccer Kids class activity: Small side games with lots of touches on the ball for the kids.

Who do you most admire: Thierry Henry

Describe yourself in one word: Soccer-fanatic

What’s your favorite thing to do when not coaching soccer: Playing soccer, playing music, reading in the park.

Favorite family movie or show: Moana

What do you love most about being a soccer coach: Being around kids’
energy and excitement, and seeing the joy they get from playing and
improving at soccer.

We’d be surprised to learn this about you: I recently won a competition for an Augmented Reality app I built for Bose.

Parent Reviews

"I'm so happy watching my daughter smile and laugh during her first soccer class. The coaches are entertaining and keep the kids focused, while learning soccer. I think you just created a life-long love of soccer in my family!" Kai Martin
"We had our 1st session today and it was amazing! Coach Jorge was great with the kids. Our kids are so lucky to have him. Thank you Pro Soccer Kids for an amazing start!!!!" Nina