Coach Mateo C

I was born into the sport of futbol. Born and raised by a Colombian household in Queens, you’ll soon find yourself every weekend, every match, every minute watching the beautiful game. Since youth I’ve been an athlete.

Currently I am rugby player for New York Rugby Club, but my first boots were laced on a soccer field. Soon after I found my self into wrestling. It’s the freedom the sport brings me that fuels my passion. One thing I always say is, you can’t falsify passion. If you ever witness me with a soccer ball, my smile is bright.

My favorite color is red, but black and orange are contenders as well. As for my favorite club, well, I ride and die with FC Barcelona. My family and I never miss a game. It’s tradition. I’ve played travel team soccer since youth, winning multiple city championships at the high school level. At youth level I played for Auburndale soccer club and BW Gottschee, achieving club success as well. Played right wing at varsity level at Xavier Hight school in the city, where I won two city championships back to back.

My true passion originates from the streets of Barranquilla in Colombia. Where playing barefoot with nothing but two rocks as a goal was the fun of a lifetime. It’s where your feet do all the talking.

I admire my mother the most. My strength and intelligence originates from her. To this day, I can’t thank her enough for being my number one supporter. To describe myself in one word, I’m fierce. When I’m not coaching, you can find me locked up at the gym, you can find me practicing jiu jitsu or you can locate me on the rugby pitch.

What I love the most about being a soccer coach is that Im not only a coach, but a beacon of energy. I show up every weekend ready to give my 150% to every child. Whether I can make them laugh, smile or just get them to talk about their day. I want all my students to know I’m not a coach, I’m a friend. I believe positive energy is the most priceless gift you can offer. Though coach is the title, it doesn’t embody what I will do for them on and off the pitch. That I can be more than a coach but a friend, a support system and more importantly one who will never cheat the game, nor cheat them. I am honored that I can use a passion of mine for the greater good. Que viva el futbol!!!

Parent Reviews

“This was my son's first experience with soccer and his first time playing an organized sport. He absolutely loved it! The Coach was phenomenal! He is fun, kind, patient and relates to kids so amazingly! I cannot say enough good things about Pro Soccer Kids.” Carlos G.
“Hi, Deborah. Thank you soooo much!! My son and all the kids had an absolutely fantastic time. The coaches were terrific — everyone was commenting on how great they were. On the way home, we asked him how he liked the party, and he said “that was AMAZING!!!” I would be happy to recommend you to anyone in the future who is considering having you do a birthday party." Kate