Coach Robert N

Favorite Color: Silver 
Favorite Soccer Team: England 
Soccer awards received: Multiple P.A.L. Championships age 11-14 
Funniest thing a PSK player said to me: “Kids come from trees!” Lol!
Favorite Activity: Big Game! 
Nickname:  Coach Robby 
I most admire: Jesus Christ 
Me, described in one word: Unpredictable
Favorite thing to do when I’m not coaching soccer: Work out, play basketball 
Favorite show: Power  What do I love most about being a coach: Bonding with the kids to ensure they’ll always remember Coach Robby!

Parent Reviews

"The way our coach interacted with the children was excellent. It was great to see the kids play with the soccer balls for most of the class. They did not do that at the other soccer program we had tried. Thank you so much.” C. Feinberg
"Coach Katie was amazing. She kept things interesting for the kids and kept their attention which is hard to do. She was always starting on time and ending on time. She called all the children by their names for all classes. I definitely recommend to others!" Jamie M.