Coach Robert N

Favorite Color: Silver 
Favorite Soccer Team: England 
Soccer awards received: Multiple P.A.L. Championships age 11-14 
Funniest thing a PSK player said to me: “Kids come from trees!” Lol!
Favorite Activity: Big Game! 
Nickname:  Coach Robby 
I most admire: Jesus Christ 
Me, described in one word: Unpredictable
Favorite thing to do when I’m not coaching soccer: Work out, play basketball 
Favorite show: Power  What do I love most about being a coach: Bonding with the kids to ensure they’ll always remember Coach Robby!

Parent Reviews

“I'm so happy that I found Pro Socer Kids and how much my son enjoys playing. Your staff is full of energy, patience and understanding. My son is four and has played with you since age two. The scrimmage games are a great idea. Thanks to your wonderful staff.” Tom Rodriguez
"I'm so extremely impressed with the coaching staff. They are just wonderful with the kids and it's really inspiring to watch. They really deserve to be commended & I just want them to know how much they're appreciated as such role models for these kids even at just 2 years old!!" I recommend your program to any mom who inquires!! Geraldine Q.