Coach Trevor A

Coach Trevor has 10 years of working experience in the field of early childhood development. He is currently working towards getting his Masters in Psychology to become a childhood educational researcher. Trevor carries an extensive work history with children, carrying two proud titles as a licensed movement specialist and professional dance instructor for elementary school education.

Coach Trevor has been coaching with Pro Soccer Kids since 2011 where he has been teaching toddlers how to dribble the ball for the first time as well as teaching them the regulated game of soccer. His classes incorporate a range of drills that focus on ball control, balance, cardio, scrimmages and building the concept of teamwork. Coach Trevor makes teaching soccer to toddlers look absolutely natural; his classes transition kids from movement into ball control and then scoring and celebrating all the while having a great time!

Through practice, dedication and a loving devotion to his crafts, Coach Trevor continues to teach and grow young minds. He invites challenge into his classes and has a knack for working with children who have a hard time with shyness; keeping them focused and engaged on the field. Trevor believes that “Soccer not only teaches sport but paves the foundational principles for life’s lessons and personal growth”.