This is a reminder that Today, October 18th- All Tanglewood Preserve classes will be held at St. Marks Outdoor Play Area. Address: 200 Hempstead Avenue Rockville Centre NY 11570 Directions: We play in the small area left of St Marks school as you come into the driveway. Map:

Last Fall 2019 Scrimmage Game This weekend!

Our Last Bonus Optional Scrimmage Game (for kids ages 4 & up) will be this weekend for the Fall 2019 season. Awards will be handed out to all participants. Please Check your email for the details or give us a call at (516) 766-5437. You can also check out our scrimmage page:

Pro Soccer Kids Youth Partnership with New York City Football Club

Dear Parents and Kids, We are thrilled to announce Pro Soccer Kids new partnership with New York City FC! This is an incredible opportunity for our soccer family. By being a Youth Partner with NYCFC, our coaches will have access to their training sessions and get tips from the professionals.  We will also have ticket giveaways, discounted tickets and a few lucky … Continued

Tips for Your Child’s First Soccer Class Age 2 to 11

Our coaches are gearing up for the next soccer season, preparing special name-tag stickers and brand new soccer shirts to give to our burgeoning soccer players. As parents, you will likely be speaking to your child about what to expect in class, especially if this will be his or her first experience on the soccer … Continued

Why we love soccer

For our Pro Soccer Kids, soccer is simply a fun sport. We LOVE Soccer! But for us coaches and educators, soccer is a whole lot more. Soccer is a powerful vehicle for sustaining positive changes in a child’s overall development. Our goal is to use proper guidance and modeling to aid in the development of … Continued

Encouraging Fair Play and Respect for Others

Soccer is in full swing.  It’s exciting and we appreciate the various ways to express enthusiasm. We are all passionate about soccer and it is easy to get carried away in the excitement of a game. It’s important to be supportive and positive in your cheering for your child.  Choose words carefully, encourage fair play, good … Continued