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LONG ISLAND - MELVILLE - Presbyterian Church Sweet Hollow

FALL 2019
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Class ID Age Group Day Date Range Time Slot Coaches Price Action
10408 2 (24 months) to 3 (36 months) Sat Sep 7 2019 - Oct 26 2019 9:00AM - 9:40AM $185.00 Log in to Register
10409 3 to young 4 Sat Sep 7 2019 - Oct 26 2019 9:45AM - 10:30AM $185.00 Log in to Register
10410 4 to young 5 & Bonus Scrimmage Games Sat Sep 7 2019 - Oct 26 2019 10:35AM - 11:25AM $185.00 Log in to Register
10411 5 AND 6 & Bonus Scrimmage Games Sat Sep 7 2019 - Oct 26 2019 11:30AM - 12:30PM $185.00 Log in to Register

Parent Reviews

“Thank you Everyone at Pro Soccer Kids for making my son’s birthday party such a big success! He had a fabulous time and so did all of his friends! We are all so fortunate to have great coaches – they are so energetic and fun and committed to kids. Deborah and Tom thank you so Much!" Karin
"Coach Katie was amazing. She kept things interesting for the kids and kept their attention which is hard to do. She was always starting on time and ending on time. She called all the children by their names for all classes. I definitely recommend to others!" Jamie M.