Why we love soccer

For our Pro Soccer Kids, soccer is simply a fun sport. We LOVE Soccer! But for us coaches and educators, soccer is a whole lot more. Soccer is a powerful vehicle for sustaining positive changes in a child’s overall development.

Our goal is to use proper guidance and modeling to aid in the development of essential physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills. This enables our kids to become healthy and productive people in today’s society. How can soccer aid in this vital development?

It is easy to overlook the very basic physical benefits of soccer. Soccer can increase aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, lower body fat, improve muscle tone, build strength, increase flexibility and build endurance. Practicing jumping, running, sprinting, turning and kicking assists in the development of a child’s coordination (i.e. hand-eye, foot-eye).

Not being outweighed by the physical benefits of soccer are the social and intellectual benefits. Our soccer drills are designed to increase a child’s concentration, determination and self- discipline. In addition, our drills teach children to share, take turns, lead, listen and communicate. We encourage every one of our players to get involved so that they become more confident in their ability and increase their self-esteem.

Coaches and other role models are in a great position to effectively and profoundly influence a child’s early development. As a Pro Soccer Kids coach, I strive very hard to promote healthy habits by making sure my kids take home the lesson that soccer is awesome and fun! However, it is also very important for our coaches to be mindful of each individual player and their abilities and emotional state. We strive to make sure we are empathetic to each one of our soccer players’ needs. ]

I love coaching because I enjoy teaching more than just soccer. I enjoy incorporating core values into my soccer classes and drills. Our drills are challenging yet attainable and our approach is structured with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and equal respect.

Our soccer players have the ability to transfer and generalize the skills learned during our soccer classes to other experiences and settings in their lives. There is nothing more rewarding for me as a coach, than receiving an email, facebook message, picture or thank you card stating how wonderful our soccer player is doing in school and at home.

Keep up the good work!

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